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Take a look at our checklist for what our deep clean includes.

We can tailor the clean to your needs and add any extras.

What does the professional deep clean include?


  • Extensive Bathroom Cleaning  Door frames and all the other small details will also receive treatment.

  • Deep Kitchen Scrubbing – inside-out cleaning of cooking appliances, outside drawers and cupboards cleaned. Door frames, window sills and light switches are also polished to obtain a spick & span look.

  • Bedrooms, Dining And Living Rooms – vacuuming carpets and floors and dusting all the general surfaces, furniture, switches and door frames.

  • Removing Dirt And Dust Out Of Common Areas – removing spider webs from stairways and hallways, dusting woodwork, cleaning and wiping skirting boards in all areas of the home, doors and door frames, hoovering and mopping floors.

How does one-off cleaning differ from regular cleaning?

Covering a range of domestic chores, our deep cleaning service is suitable for places that haven’t been cleaned for a long time
We will take care of all the nooks and crannies of your place, leaving you with a sparkling clean and cosy home to enjoy.

For instance, our cleaning experts will move and clean behind light furniture & appliances, dusting the area under the bed, or even help with clothes folding and plant watering.

Regular domestic cleaning, on the other hand, is suitable for properties that have already been thoroughly cleaned and need an occasional dusting or wiping to keep them in shipshape

Extras services that are not included in the deep clean:


Cleaning inside fridge/freezer

Remove bacteria and bad odour within the fridge/freezer clean

Oven cleaning

Tidy up & wash dishes

Cleaning of the inside cupboards

Descale toilet

Grout cleaning

Cleaning extractor fan filter

Cleaning external areas (balcony, terrace, etc)

 *Cleaning products are £15 per session & cleaning equipment is £15 per session (both optional)

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