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Q. Are we insured?

A. Yes we as a company and all of our employees are insured. We have public liability insurance and employers liability insurance.

Q. What are your working hours?

A. Our office hours are 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday and

10am - 3pm Saturday and Sunday. 

Q. Can a cleaner come to me the same day?


A. Depending on the availability of our cleaners, we could come the same day or tomorrow.

Q. Can you clean while I am away? 


A. Yes, we can make arrangements to pick up the property keys and bring them back to a preferred location.

Q. What services do you provide?


A. Our cleaning services are focused on residential properties.

Q. I need regular cleaning once a week, is that possible?


 A. Yes, but if you want the same cleaner please do let us know so we can guarantee it. 

 Q. What payment methods do you accept?


A. We accept payments via bank transfer.

 Q. Is it up to me which day of the week the cleaner will come? 


A. Yes, you are free to choose which day the cleaner will come. In case your appointed cleaner is not available, we will suggest an alternative one.

 Q. What happens if I am not completely satisfied with the service?


A. In case that happens, we have a 24 hour guarantee and we will come for a re-clean free of charge.

Q. Who provides the cleaning materials and products? 


A. Your regular domestic cleaner will use the available cleaning materials, equipment and products at your home. You should provide them with a vacuum cleaner, bucket and a mop. If, however you wish for them to bring cleaning materials we can do so for a small fee.

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